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Ksenia Marasanova ksenia at ksenia.nl
Fri Jun 3 10:20:18 CEST 2005

> On 6/2/05, Ksenia Marasanova <ksenia at ksenia.nl> wrote:
>> I used it quite a lot, and while it is fast, bugs free and simple to
>> use, total separation of markup and code is IMHO contraproductive -
>> every simple change mostly requires changing two files.
>> --Ksenia
> Is changing two files too much trouble? Anytime we add an abstraction
> layer its a trade off. On one hand things are more structured and
> presumably more adaptable to change. On the other hand it adds
> complexity. Here on one end of the sprectrum we have highly structured
> framework like Java struts. Adding one field may need a change to a
> bean class, a form class, an action class, the template and perhaps a
> few XML files. On the other end of the spectrum we have PHP where you
> do everything in place. You just need to find you equilibrium on how
> much is too much.

Yes, exactly. I liked the idea of DOM temlating a lot, but after  
using HTMLTemplate for a while felt the need for (IMHO) more freedom  
and moved toward Preppy/Cheetah approach. Other people move the  
opposite direction.

> (by the way didn't I just heard somebody scream
> 'they put the whole $%^* application code in PHP templates!!!' ;-)

:)) That hurts...

> Actually rather than editing two files, the biggest issue I encounter
> is the presentation code is supposed to match the DOM tree. So anytime
> you change the DOM you would have to change the structure of your code
> as well.

Yes, me too, that was one of the reasons for editing multiple files.

> Again you have to make the call what works best. For me the
> advantage of having a clean template is great while having to make
> coordinated code changes is just a matter of life. If it is not
> HTMLTemplate you'd probably have to do it for something else.
> Wai Yip
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