[Web-SIG] Rails pushing FastCGI into megahost

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Fri Jun 17 06:11:30 CEST 2005

I think this might be of interest to some here - apparently Dreamhost
has just rolled out support for Rails (apparently all ruby installs are
up to date at 1.8.2 - python's up to 2.2.x) via FastCGI. [0]

I don't have an account with them these days, but it was mentioned on
the Rails list - someone over there (and I'd guess others) had been
asking them for it apparently. No word yet on performance or
reliability. I suppose it could be in response to something besides
Rails, but based on the publicity and explicit listing on their pages
I'd say Rails was the impetus (well, the promise of $ to be made with

Anyway - point is - good news for increasing the "deployability" for
python, ruby, perl, etc. and allowing apps to be written in langs
besides PHP for clients who can only swing commodity shared hosts. Maybe
someone here should petition them re: WSGI? Or maybe that's pushing
one's luck...

[0] http://dreamhost.com/panel/features.html#ruby


toddgrimason*todd[ at ]slack.net

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