[Web-SIG] twisted.web2 0.1.0 released

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Sat Jun 18 03:40:18 CEST 2005

I'm happy to announce the first release of twisted.web2 today. This  
is a rewrite/refactor of the twisted.web HTTP server and framework,  
providing a nicer API (some parts inspired by the resource API that  
Nevow introduced on top of twisted.web) and many internal  
improvements, especially in the area of HTTP conformance.

Some highlights:
- Fully asynchronous twisted server.
- Can run as a HTTP/HTTPS server, or behind an apache mod_proxy, or  
serve requests via SCGI, or even just plain CGI.
- Supports SCGI clients, CGI scripts, WSGI applications. No new HTTP  
client/proxy yet, it's still on the TODO list.
- Also supports most twisted.web resources through a compatibility  
- Implements HTTP 1.1, including keep-alive, chunking, and pipelining.
- Has premade, correct, header parsers and generators for most of the  
- Supports streaming data input and output, has a nonblocking  
multipart/form-data parser.
- Automatic support for If-[Un]Modified-Since, If-[None-]Match and  

You can find downloads and documentation here:
You'll need at least Twisted 2.0.1 as well:

This is still a preliminary release -- the API is not guaranteed to  
be stable to the next release.


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