[Web-SIG] Webapplication and Javascript

Stephan Diehl stephan.diehl at gmx.net
Wed Sep 21 18:56:53 CEST 2005


I'm in the process of developing a kind of web widget library.
I guess that it will be similar to lifepage (nevow) :)
The ultimate goal is to have a development platform that allows to write 
Webapplications exactly in the same way than other GUI applications.
Obviously, I'm still far away from that goal...
Anyway, the Javascript part will be (is) based on Mochikit. The backend part 
is basicly a JsonRpc Server (at the moment based on Webware).
The (html) widgets render either as html, if they are served by the webserver 
end or in a json compatible format, if served by the JsonRpc end.

Has anybody done anything like this before? Or thought about it?

If there is real interest, I'd be putting together a release of what I have 

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