[Web-SIG] Standardized template API

Chris McDonough chrism at plope.com
Wed Feb 1 19:53:59 CET 2006

One specific concern about the "returning the published object" for  
publisher-based frameworks is that often the published object has  
references to other objects that might not make sense in the context  
of the thread handling the rendering of the template.  For example,  
if you're using a thread pool behind a Twisted server, and the thing  
doing the rendering is in "the main thread", methods hanging off of  
the "published object" might try to make use of thread-local storage,  
which would fail.  Zope 3 uses thread-local storage for request  
objects, IIRC.

This might be a nonissue, because I'm a little fuzzy on which  
component(s) actually do(es) the rendering of the template in the  
models being proposed.  But the amount of fuzziness I have about  
what's trying to be specified here makes me wonder if there aren't  
better things to go specify.

> As I mentioned in my counter-proposal, there should probably be a  
> key like
> 'wti.source' to contain either the object to be published (for
> publisher-oriented frameworks) or a dictionary of variables (for
> controller-oriented frameworks).  I originally called it "published
> object", but that's biased towards publisher frameworks so perhaps  
> a more
> neutral name like 'source' or 'data' would be more appropriate.

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