[Web-SIG] A trivial template API counter-proposal

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Sat Feb 4 18:17:15 CET 2006

On Feb 4, 2006, at 8:17 AM, Guido van Rossum wrote:

> I am probably missing something, but shouldn't there also be an API to
> render the template to a string or stream given some context of
> variable names? I'm looking at this from a very different perspective,
> namely *using* various templating engines from an app that otherwise
> doesn't use a framework but still needs templating.

Yes, there was a lot of convoluted thought in the larger thread of  
Standardized template API which got intermingled with a related  
proposal to standardize common parts used within template languages  
themselves. We're currently steering back to just standardizing  
*using* the various templates, and saving the much more complex issue  
of their internals for a later point.


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