[Web-SIG] My original template API proposal

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Feb 6 17:41:53 CET 2006

Chris McDonough wrote:
> Although I've been trying to follow this thread, I'm finding it  
> difficult to get a handle on what is meant to *call* the template API  
> (e.g. what typically calls "render" in Ian's ITemplatePlugin  interface 
> at http://svn.pythonpaste.org/home/ianb/templateapi/ interface.py)?  Is 
> the framework meant to call "render"?

Yes, it would be the framework.  There shouldn't need to be too much 
code between the framework and application code, but at least a little 
(e.g., to create a find_resource/find_template callable).  The framework 
will probably also load the template plugins.

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