[Web-SIG] On HTTP Servers and WSGI (was "WSGI in standard library")

Christian Wyglendowski christian at dowski.com
Tue Feb 7 04:00:53 CET 2006

Ian Bicking wrote:
> It doesn't really need to do that, it's easy to do that in the WSGI 
> application itself.  For instance:
> def dispatch(app_map):

> I can understand this is a common desire and it is not obvious that you 
> can do this, so it might be useful to include some middleware like this. 
>  But the server itself does not need to do this.  And there's lots of 
> ways you might want to do this (e.g., virtual hosts, which do the same 
> basic thing but match against environ['HTTP_HOST']).  

Ok, gotcha.  Thanks for the example code.  I had basically written
something like that right in the CP WSGI server.  I guess as long as the
SCRIPT_NAME is '', then everything else should be cool.


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