[Web-SIG] WSGI in standard library

Alan Kennedy pywebsig at alan.kennedy.name
Thu Feb 16 13:16:04 CET 2006

[Guido Van Rossum]
> Actually BaseHTTPServer.py and friends use a deprecated naming scheme
> -- just as StringIO, UserDict and many other fine standard library
> modules.
> If you read PEP 8, the current best practice is for module names to be
> all-lowercase and *different* from the class name.

[Clark C Evans]
> I propose we add wsgiref, but look at other implementations and
> steal what ever you can from them.  This is not a huge chunk of
> code -- no reason why you can't have the best combination of
> features and correctness.

[Jean Paul Calderone]
> HTTPS is orthogonal.  Besides, how would you support it in the stdlib?  It's currently not > possible to write an SSL server in Python without a third-party library.  Maybe someone
> would be interested in rectifying /that/? :)

[Ian Bicking]
> I've used this several times (well, not wsgiref's implementation, but
> paste.response.HeaderDict).  rfc822 is heavier than this dictionary-like
> object, and apparently is also deprecated.

[Alan Kennedy]
> While we're on the subject, can we find a better home for the HTTP
> status codes->messages mapping?


Thinking about this some more, it's beginning to sound to me like the
server-side web support in the standard library needs a proper review
and possible rework: it's slowly decohering/kipplizing.

Maybe we need a PEP, so that we can all discuss the subject
(rationally ;-) and sort out all of the issues before we go ahead and
commit anything?

Just a thought. Feel free to dis-regard


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