[Web-SIG] Simple CGI sessions

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Wed Jan 11 04:58:05 CET 2006

On Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:53:23 +1300, Hadley Rich <web-sig at nice.net.nz> wrote:
>Hi all,
>>From a quick browse through the archives I can see sessions are a common
>subject here. Hopefully you're all not to sick of it to comment.
>I've been wanting to use python for a web project I'm doing at the moment. I
>need to use sessions in this project and want to use cgi rather than
>mod_python or a framework. I couldn't find anything which specifically suited
>my needs on the web so I wrote this simple little module.
>Rather than messing up the whitespace I've posted it on my site here[1]
>Since this is really the first bit of python I have written I'd appreciate
>anyone to see if they can see any glaring security holes or other problems
>with it. Feel free to be as harsh as you like.

Not related to your code at all...  You probably don't want to release the code under the PSF license.  There are various boring reasons that I won't bother to go into (the topic has been discussed on various lists, I'm sure you can find a thread if you want).  Consider the MIT license, instead.  It's much simpler and /probably/ means what you hoped the PSF license meant.


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