[Web-SIG] Communicating authenticated user information

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Jan 23 22:29:32 CET 2006

Clark C. Evans wrote:
> Thanks Phillip!  
> This clears it up for me. Although, I disagree with the 
> specification in this case; there does not seem to be a
> reason why middleware shouldn't be required to send the
> *same* environ dict along in subsequent calls. 

Paste already does this, for the N subrequest method.  This is done at 
least in paste.cascade, where we retry the request several times until 
something responds with a non-404.  Since it is common at least for 
subapplications to rewrite SCRIPT_NAME/PATH_INFO, you can't pass later 
objects the same dictionary as previuos objects.  Well, I suppose you 
could update the one-and-only environ from a copy you made before 
sending the request on.  But anyway, it doesn't do that.

I'd like to do this same thing (N subrequests) sometime in the future 
for server-side HTML Overlays.

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