[Web-SIG] RELEASE: twill 0.9

Titus Brown titus at caltech.edu
Fri Dec 28 07:49:34 CET 2007

ANNOUNCING twill v0.9.

twill is a simple language for browsing the Web.  It's designed for
automated testing of Web sites, but it can be used to interact with
Web sites in a variety of ways.  In particular, twill supports form
submission, cookies, redirects, and HTTP authentication.

This release of twill is officially "Pretty Dang Stable".

A twill script to use the "I'm feeling lucky" button on Google looks
like this:

    setlocal query "twill Python"

    go http://www.google.com/

    fv 1 q $query
    submit btnI     # use the "I'm feeling lucky" button


(Note that using this script abuses Google's Terms of Service.  So don't.)

You can install the latest release of twill with easy_install,

    easy_install twill

or download this release at


Documentation is included in the .tar.gz and is also online at


Miscellaneous details:

twill is implemented in Python and uses pyparsing and mechanize.  In
addition to the existing simple command language, twill can easily be
extended with Python.  twill also provides a fairly simple and
well-documented wrapper around mechanize.

Note that twill does not understand JavaScript.


Significant changes with 0.9:

 - many small bugs were fixed, of course!

 - patched subprocess pipe problem (Chris Abraham).  This fixes problems
   with long-running twill processes.

 - twill now "plays nice" with other versions of mechanize and ClientForm
   (good for including it in distributions).

 - Corrected license information => MIT in all files.

 - new 'info' command gives human-readable page summary.

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