[Web-SIG] The web dudes pad is open for business

Robert Brewer fumanchu at amor.org
Fri Feb 23 04:07:15 CET 2007

Chad Whitacre (of Aspen fame) and I got a nice suite across the street (from the PyCon hotel) at the Residence Inn, room 121. All web dudes welcome.

We've got a kitchen, fireplace, sofa, and 3 TV's. I just stocked the fridge with Heineken and Diet Coke, plus mudslide and blue margarita fixin's. The jacuzzi's open, too, if you brought trunks. Feel free to drop by anytime; but call me first: 619 846-5585 (they lock everything around here). I'm here 'til Monday morning.

Robert Brewer
CherryPy Team
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