[Web-SIG] WSGI application object returning a string/buffer.

Graham Dumpleton graham.dumpleton at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 00:32:21 CEST 2007

On 04/06/07, Phillip J. Eby <pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
> At 04:06 PM 6/3/2007 +1000, Graham Dumpleton wrote:
> >Should I just process string and buffer
> >objects as a sequence without complaint as required by specification,
> I'd say yes.  It's trivial for someone to use wsgiref.validate to
> test their application, and it will tell them about this issue.

Last time I looked the wsgiref.validate function will only complain
about string being returned, not 'buffer'.

> You could, of course, provide an option to use wsgiref.validate
> automatically...

It is trivial for someone to do it themselves in their WSGI
application script file and a lot harder to add such an option as in
inbuilt feature, plus would add a dependency on some third party


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