[Web-SIG] Paste releases

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Tue Jun 26 19:31:42 CEST 2007

I've just made releases for Paste (core/Script/Deploy).  Quick summary:

Paste core:

* The paste.httpserver has neat new threadpool stuff to improve the
reliability of your threaded server.  Kill threads, see wedged threads,
restart the process, and more.  This has been in progress for some time
(and has held up releases), but after having it in production for a
month or so (from trunk -- it's okay for *me* to deploy from trunk ;)
I'm feeling fairly comfortable about it.

* Save HTTP proxy information, so you can in theory write HTTP proxies
with paste.httpserver

* More methods in TestApp, for your RESTful testing pleasure, like
app.put() and app.delete().

* paste.util.template has a few more constructs.

* Some request (object/function) bugs fixed.

In Paste Deploy:

* If you've had problems using filter-with and setup-app together (or
with appconfig() or any other problem with filter-with), it should be

Paste Script only has one boring little change for logging.

easy_install -U to upgrade.  See the website for slightly more complete

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