[Web-SIG] My summary of a web-platform Open-Space discussion at PyCon 2007

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Sat Mar 3 16:42:10 CET 2007

I'll summarize my recollections of a very useful discussion that  
several of us had at PyCon 2007.

At PyCon, Chad Whitacre gathered a a number of us for an Open Space  
discussion at PyCon to discuss how we might collaborate on common  
infrastructure at "below WSGI".  As I understood this, this included  
thing like:

- WSGI application assembly

- Main programs

- Process management tools

   - Daemon start, stop, status, etc.

   - Signal handling

   - Log rotation

   - Etc.

I managed to add:

- Server benchmarks

Maybe there were other things in scope that I forgot.

We should have appointed a secretary. :)

I think we decided on some immediate actions:

- Give Ian feedback on Paste Deploy

- Ian will lead a server benchmark effort

In addition, I think there is interest in coming up with best  
practices for daemon and Windows service management.  I don't think  
there were specific action items.  A few tools were mentioned.  (I'll  
send a separate brief note on my ideas about this).

My impression is that there isn't a lot of appetite for standardizing  
on a common pain application.


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