[Web-SIG] daemon tools

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Wed Mar 7 11:04:47 CET 2007

On Mar 5, 2007, at 12:25 PM, Joseph Tate wrote:
> ll.daemon (http://www.livinglogic.de/Python/daemon/index.html)  
> seems to be a
> straightforward and very simple library for core daemon functionality.
> I have written my own daemon base class (Pretty restrictive license
> [reciprocal], but I'm sure I could get it loosened).
> http://hg.rpath.com/raa-1.1?f=9ac380d082f4;file=raa/service/ 
> daemon.py I'm not
> married to it though, so would be happy to spin it out and remove  
> the conary
> requirements, or just junk it.

Are either of these useful on Windows?  IOW, do they map to services  
on windows?


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