[Web-SIG] more comments on Paste Deploy

Robert Brewer fumanchu at amor.org
Thu Mar 8 00:13:20 CET 2007

Jeff Shell wrote:
> Configuration and deployment?
> I'm trying to understand the scope of these terms (or this combined
> term) better. I take it 'configuration' means just how an 'app' might
> publish itself to a WSGI server. Is that right?
> For us, deployment now is:
> 1. Make a Zope 3 instance home ('appserv1')
> 2. `cd appserv1/lib/python; cvs checkout customerapp`
> 3. `rockout -vv customerapp/Rockfile install` (installs 
> dependencies, mostly
>    by CVS / Subversion checkout, usually directly into 
> `appserv1/lib/python`)
> 4. `cd ../../etc` (back to 'appserv1/etc')
> 5. choose a port number in zope.conf (the zope/twisted server config)
> 6. add two lines to Zope 3's `site.zcml` to set up our app
> 7. add site info to apache (rewriterule(s) /  proxy).
> Is this analogous to the deployment and configuration being discussed?

Yes, although I want to make sure we keep discussion of 'site
installation' very separate from 'website composition' (where you
already have all the pieces and just need to declare where they are and
how they map to URL's). IMO site installation is a 3 to 5-year project;
website composition is a one-year project that shouldn't get bogged down
in the former.

> But in theory, since Zope 3 has `zope.app.wsgi`, I could serve from...
> anything? I guess that since I don't think about serving via Twisted
> any more than I thought about serving via ZServer, I could put
> CherryPy, mod_wsgi, whatever else underneath, right?

In theory, yes. For example, you should be able to put CherryPy's WSGI
server underneath. Most of the rest of CherryPy (the app framework bits)
are not directly *connectable* to the rest of Zope, but one of the
dreams of WSGI is that you could *compose* a site using apps from
multiple frameworks. See the diagram at the bottom of
http://www.cherrypy.org/wiki/WSGI for example, which shows all of the
places you can connect foreign WSGI components with CherryPy WSGI

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