[Web-SIG] [Proposal] "website" and first-level conf

Benji York benji at benjiyork.com
Thu Mar 8 15:13:54 CET 2007

Chris Withers wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Having everything in one folder is great for development.  It isn't so 
>> good for deployment, at least not on Unix. 
> Can you explain why? I do a lot of unix deployment, and the thought of a 
> buildout that sprays files all over the system, even if they are in 
> standard unix-y location scares me a lot...

I think it depends on the people involved.  As a developer I prefer 
everything in one place.

Our system administrators have to manage lots of machines (hundreds) 
with lots of software on them (some we write, some third party).  Their 
perspective is that if they want to find a log file it's better for it 
to be where all the log files are instead of trying to find the corner 
of the file system where that particular app is installed.  This appears 
to be the preference of most unix admins (as evidenced by the various 
linux/unix standardization processes).
Benji York

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