[Web-SIG] windows, pywebd, webctl

Chad Whitacre chad at zetaweb.com
Fri Mar 9 19:22:58 CET 2007


First, your comments re: paying attention to sysadmins are 
well-taken. Thanks.

 > I don't have a problem with people using whatever layout they
 > want. I don't even object to having common layouts that are
 > documented and taught. What I can't accept is a software
 > framework that *requires* a particular layout to function.

That's fair enough. So what if a proposed common executable acted 
like this:

   1. A configuration file may be specified on the command line.

   2. If no config file is named on the command line, then look
      for one in certain locations:


   3. <foo>.conf does basic process config (address, user/group,
      threads, etc.) and hands off to a second-layer config (be it
      paste.ini, zope.conf, etc.)

   4. The following are added to PYTHONPATH *if they exist*:


Such an executable would satisfy me. Would it be flexible enough 
to meet your requirements?


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