[Web-SIG] NOOO! Another web framework

DiPierro, Massimo MDiPierro at cti.depaul.edu
Thu Oct 4 20:29:01 CEST 2007

hello everybody...

please do not shoot me! I know you don't think you need a new web framework but please give me the benefit of the doubt (I teach a class on Web Frameworks at DePaul University):


here are some unique features:
1) full web based development, deployment and management of applications, no more shell commands (unless you want them)
2) built-in ticketing system to report bugs to administrator (not to the users, ever)
3) can compile applciations to byte-code for speed and distribution in closed source (some people want this)
4) 100% python (including template language).
5) no installation or configuration required. Just download and click. (includes python, web server, sqlite3, administrative interface and examples)
6) everything has a default: you write the model, you get an administrative interface; you write a controller, you get a generic view; etc.
7) The API are stable and there is no plan for a change.

It shares with Django and Turbogears some features: model-view-controller design, form generators and validation, internationalization, ORM, although all code has been written from scratch.

Here is an example application, a CMS to manage groups (members, wikis, blogs, votes, minutes, documents):



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