[Web-SIG] [extension] wsgi.info

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Tue Oct 16 18:52:58 CEST 2007

Ian Bicking ha scritto:
> Manlio Perillo wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I find it strange that the WSGI environ dictionary contains no 
>> information about some "details" of the implementation.
>> I think it would be useful to have a wsgi.info variable that returns a 
>> tuple with two strings:
>> - the name of the implementation
>> - the version of the implementation
>> Example:
>> wsgi.info = ('nginx mod_wsgi', '0.0.4')
> The details of what implementation?  The server?  The thing that called 
> the app?  

The WSGI gateway.

> The thing that called the app and the thing that called it?

The former.

> OTOH, there's a SERVER_SOFTWARE CGI variable, I believe.

But this refers to the  HTTP server.

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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