[Web-SIG] Gluon again

Massimo Di Pierro MDiPierro at cti.depaul.edu
Tue Oct 23 06:42:48 CEST 2007

I posted a Gluon tutorial here


it shows step by step how to build a web app to store recipes and  
group them by category.
It is a first draft so there are may be some english some typos. Sorry.


P.S. I'll never stress it enough. Gluon is GPL2, it is not a  
commercial product. The reason I am emailing you about this is  
because I know I can find experts here and I hope you can help me  
find bugs so that I can fix them and improve Gluons. If there is  
functionality that you need and you think is not there, just let me  
know and I will see what I can do. I would also love to see an ajax  
enthusiast take the challenge to write the first ajax app using  
Gluon, scriptaculous and json. I do provide some free email support  
if you sign up on the Gluon google group.

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