[Web-SIG] Modjy and jython 2.2.

Alan Kennedy pywebsig at xhaus.com
Wed Sep 5 21:53:00 CEST 2007

Dear all,

Now that jython 2.2 has been released (hooray!)


it's time for a quick update on the status of modjy, the jython 
WSGI/J2EE gateway.


Previous versions of modjy were based on jython 2.1, which didn't have 
support for the iterator protocol. However, the new jython 2.2 has full 
iterator and generator support, and so is capable of full WSGI support 
(round of applause for the hard work of the jython-dev team).

In a testament to the stability of jython and the clean design of WSGI, 
the modjy code has not changed; the original jython 2.1 version of modjy 
works seamlessly with jython 2.2, unmodified.

Still, I am making an interim release, for two purposes

1. To fix a longstanding bug in the implementation
2. To explicitly mention jython 2.2 in the documentation

I'm off on vacation soon, and wanted to make this small "publicity 
release" before I go.

When I return, I will be making the following modifications

1. Adding a full test suite, based on MockRunner, the mock Java Servlet 
2. Improving J2EE resource handling
3. Improving import handling
4. Various small improvements and documentation updates.

All the best,


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