[Web-SIG] URL quoting in WSGI (or the lack therof)

Ben Bangert ben at groovie.org
Sat Jan 19 03:02:38 CET 2008

I unfortunately couldn't find anything in the WSGI spec to indicate  
whether or not I could expect environ variables relating to the URL to  
be URL decoded when I get them or whether they reflect the raw URL  
that was sent to the browser.

This recently became an issue, when a user noticed that the %2B URL  
encoding for a + sign, had turned into a space when it hit their app.  
Sure enough, Paste was doing URL un-quoting, then Routes, and the  
double URL un-quote resulted in the + being a space.

Is there some definitive word on whether a WSGI application should  
expect to have it URL un-quoted or not?

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