[Web-SIG] Web Activities at EuroPython 2008?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu May 1 01:59:05 CEST 2008


It's not often that I find myself posting to the Web-SIG list these days, but 
I find myself almost obliged to ask whether anyone is considering submitting 
talk proposals about Web programming to the EuroPython 2008 conference (to be 
held in Vilnius, Lithuania from 7th July until 9th July, with sprinting 
possibilities from 10th July until 12th July).

In my monitoring of the Internet for mentions of EuroPython, I see that 
there's a survey out there which is asking for opinions about a Zope 
conference [1], with questions related to EuroPython. Last year, there were 
quite a few Zope talks, although perhaps not at the level enjoyed when there 
was a special Zope track at EuroPython. A few other Web-related technologies 
did also get coverage in the schedule, however: FormEncode, Genshi, KSS, 
Nevow, Pylons, Silva, WSGI, to name just a few.

Nevertheless, Web programming (including and beyond Zope) has always been a 
major component of EuroPython, and it would certainly be interesting to see 
talks describing what people are doing with Python on the Web, whether it be 
the development of classic server-side Web applications, the usage of Python 
on the client side, or even the management of infrastructure using Python - 
large-scale computing is becoming an increasingly popular topic.

Anyway, details of talk submissions and other activities at the conference can 
be found here:


And the EuroPython site can be found here:


Yes, it's running MoinMoin - a possibly unfashionable choice (and arguably 
unpopular in certain circles) - but maybe even the MoinMoin developers might 
consider sharing some of their insights on developing and customising 
MoinMoin as a talk. ;-)

I look forward to seeing many talk submissions of a Web-related kind!


[1] http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=1QRKEu8eTs2gNjiYPOCsBA_3d_3d

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