[Web-SIG] Implementing File Upload Size Limits

Andrew Clover and-py at doxdesk.com
Tue Nov 25 21:14:52 CET 2008

Brian Smith wrote:

> Under Apache CGI or mod_wsgi, in many situations you will get a deadlock in
> this scenario.

Under IIS CGI it's considerably more likely. The output buffer you get 
is smaller than Apache/Linux (at least on Win2K3 it's only 2KB), so even 
a relatively small error page spat out before reading the whole input 
will result in a cheeky hang.

> Therefore, for maximum portability, a WSGI application should ALWAYS consume
> the *whole* request body if it wants to avoid the deadlock using the
> reference WSGI adapter in PEP 333 or mod_wsgi
(...in daemon mode)


And Clover
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