[Web-SIG] process & ..

Benoit Chesneau benoitc at couch.it
Thu Sep 24 10:37:44 CEST 2009

Hi all,

As external I'm a bit surprised and also disappointed about actual  
process about choosing/discussing next features or changes of SGI spec.

I thought and I think process should be more formal. Like I see it  
since some months, there are people trying to put their views and  
technical considerations but that's all. I don't see any vote about  
adding/editing current version of the spec. Some people try to  
summarize, but there is also not formal way. Also working on different  
repositories for one spec, with changes without votes make me think  
something is wrong. I don't see any step in discussion nor roadmap and  
a  standard shouldn't be handled like this in my opinion.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe votes are hidden, there is something outside I  
ignore and I will be happy to be wrong on this. Anyway I really think  
in this case process should be more transparent. At least having a  
roadmap with formal steps like you have on other standards would help.  
The web is changing, and as a developer I would like to know what and  
when will be adapted WSGI to new needs.

- benoit

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