[Web-SIG] minimal package commenting system ?

denis denis-bz-gg at t-online.de
Wed Oct 27 18:38:47 CEST 2010

  can anyone suggest a minimal system for people to comment on Python
in a specific area such as scipy.xx ?
One model is Amazon book reviews; another is the rating / commenting
part  of
(that part only -- files live in Pypi, code.google etc.)

Today, Python users and developers seem to use a combination of mail
forums, straight google,
sometimes stackoverflow ... These work pretty well for short-term Q+A.
What I'm aiming for is longer-term trading of reviews, comments, code
between users and developers:
which packages are really good, what makes them good ?

(Rating software, like rating anything else, is worthless
if people say 5-star, or 1-star, without saying why.
So, forget rating, at least initially ?)

Package commenter goals / wishes:

- low startup cost: the experts who develop and maintain packages are
really stretched

- realtime html subset like stackoverflow

- (my wish) quiet graphic design

  -- denis

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