[Web-SIG] PEP 444 (aka Web3)

P.J. Eby pje at telecommunity.com
Thu Sep 16 21:39:36 CEST 2010

At 02:17 PM 9/16/2010 -0500, Ian Bicking wrote:
>On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 1:04 PM, P.J. Eby 
><<mailto:pje at telecommunity.com>pje at telecommunity.com> wrote:
>* Clarifying the encoding of environ values (locale+surrogateescape 
>vs. latin1, TBD)
>locale+surrageescape would be insanity!  CGI will just require some 
>configuration with respect to the environment.  Anyway, I suspect 
>CGI only really works because: (a) people using CGI are sticking to 
>ASCII, (b) they've fixed stuff up in their apps, (c) they just 
>produce garbage and no one cares.


>There are some simple errata, most of which I believe web3 covers 
>(in addition to other things it covers).
>I think everyone is on board with:
>Â  status, headers, app_iter = app(environ)
>Web3 proposed a different order, but it seems clear from the thread 
>that people prefer the more natural order, and web3 authors don't 
>particularly object.

My comments were about releasing a WSGI 1.0 update for Python 3, not 
making changes to web3.  The current free-for-all (and the 3.2 stdlib 
need) have convinced me to stop arguing for throwing out WSGI 1 on Python 3.

Or, to put it another way: splitting the spec into two 100% 
incompatible versions is a bad idea for Python 3 adoption.  With a 
WSGI 1 addendum, we should be able to make it possible to put the 
same apps and middleware on 2 and 3 with just a decorator wrapping 
them.  (i.e., people should be able to write libraries that run on 
both 2 and 3, which is probably critical to adoption).

I just wish I'd come to these conclusions much sooner...  like a year 
or two ago.  :-(

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