[Web-SIG] PEP 444 (aka Web3)

James Mills prologic at shortcircuit.net.au
Thu Sep 16 23:07:18 CEST 2010

On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 6:58 AM, Armin Ronacher
<armin.ronacher at active-4.com> wrote:
> - The async part.  It was added in the hope that someone would step up
>  and come up with something better as replacement.  I asked in the
>  #twisted IRC channel but they did not see any value in supporting
>  a common specification that was shared with the synchronous world
>  and it looks like it will be harder to find someone that does care
>  about this particular issue.
>  The motivation was that facebook's tornado framework is currently
>  attracting a lot of users and creating an environment besides the
>  WSGI one which means that it might be quite hard to share some code
>  between those two worlds.
>  I also remember hearing a lot of backlash when start_response was
>  considered for deleting last time from the nginx mod_wsgi
>  maintainer.
>  If I can't find someone that is willing to provide some input on that
>  I will remove that section.

I'm with the Twisted community on this one in that I see no real
"value". async operations and awareness should be (IHMO) really
left up to the server/framework, not the application(s) or middleware.

> - the web3 name
>  If there is any value in this PEP and we find something to decide on,
>  there is no reason this couldn't be WSGI 2.  But until it's just
>  something a small part of the web-sig community worked on directly
>  a separate name is a good thing I think, because it does not reserve
>  the name "WSGI 2" for something that might actually become WSGI 2
>  in case this PEP gets rejected.

I personally still don't see any real benefit to changing the key names
from "wsgi" to "web3" (or whatever). I would prefer it remain the
same. If you're going to use Python3, you know you're using Python3
(you don't need "web3" key names to know that). (subjective)


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