[Web-SIG] Nodejs cluster

Roberto De Ioris roberto at unbit.it
Wed Mar 19 07:31:20 CET 2014

>> nodejs cluster looks no more than a simple master + workers
> model
> Yes, NodeJS cluster is simple, But IMHO it's the gravity which unifies the
> Nodejs ecosystem. While in Python world we only have WSGI and everyone
> else
> has its own cluster model. (Please correct me if I am wrong!)

Completely agree with the "unified gravity" (even if it is not necessarily
a good thing), completely disagree with the "cluster model". It is a
standard way available in all languages, and projects like apache uses it
by ages (and it is described in all of the ancient UNIX books out-there).

They did not invent it, and they did not solved anything that was not
solved 30 years ago :) Node is successfull because all of its third party
modules obey to its non-blocking way. This does not happen with Python
(and perl and ruby and ...) because they all born in a process/thread age.
Maybe something will change with asyncio, but i am pretty sure it will be
a really looooong (and hard) way. A way that not all of the people want to
follow (personally i do not like callback-based programming and i do not
think i will change idea too soon ;)

> What I propose is officially Python endorsed cluster standard. Am I over
> thinking this? Or the status quo is good enough for everyone else?

personally i think you are giving to this "little" thing too much
attention, the problems with clustering are at another level (sharing
structures and data between nodes comes first), and most of them still do
not have a solid solution

Roberto De Ioris

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