[Web-SIG] Reahl 3.0.0 released

Iwan Vosloo iwan at reahl.org
Thu Sep 11 09:14:13 CEST 2014


We have released Reahl 3.0.0.

  * Features: http://www.reahl.org
  * Installation: 

This release supports Python 3.  In order to do that, we had to move off 
and now use Declarative instead. Elixir is still supported by using a 
mixture of 3.0.0
and 2.1.2 packages if need be. A number of other small changes also 
slipped in.

Please see all the details (and upgrade and migration instructions) at:

Reahl is a web application framework for Python programmers.

With Reahl, programming is done purely in Python, using concepts
familiar from GUI programming - like reusable Widgets and Events.
There's no need for a programmer to know several different languages
(HTML, JavaScript, template languages, etc) or to keep up with the
tricks of these trades. The abstractions presented by Reahl relieve the
programmer from the burden of dealing with the annoying problems of the
web: security, accessibility, progressive enhancement (or graceful
degradation) and browser quirks.

Although a Reahl program benefits from having JavaScript available, it
functions in the absence of JavaScript too. Search engines can crawl a
Reahl program, and its pages can be bookmarked by browsers.

- Iwan

Reahl, the Python only web framework: http://www.reahl.org

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