[Web-SIG] Research Topics for Grad School

yun bao dayunbao at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 22:14:44 EST 2019


I'm planning to go to grad school next fall, and I'm in the process of
refining my thesis idea.  My basic idea is connected to Python running in a
web browser.  However, I'm still trying to hone in on a good research idea
that will be useful and relevant to the Python community.  So I was hoping
someone here might be able to help.

I've been reaching out to a few different communities to better understand
the current state of, and problems associated with, getting Python running
in a browser.  I spoke to someone at Mozilla, who said he thought that
pursuing WebAssembly was the best option.  He said it was very unlikely
that browser vendors would drastically modify their products to host a
dedicated Python engine. He pointed me to the Pyodide project, which has
gotten quite a few scientific Python packages running in a web browser
using the WebAssembly version of CPython. The Pyodide team compiled CPython
to WebAssembly using Emscripten.  This is pretty exciting, as most of the
solutions I'd previously seen involved translating or transpiling Python to
JavaScript (Transcrypt, Brython, PypyJS), and then executing that.  I've
reached out to the Pyodide people, but thought I would see if anyone in the
Python community was involved in this kind of work.

Any thoughts or advice that you could share would be most welcome.


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