[Python Wpg] topics i forgot to mention

syd at plug.ca syd at plug.ca
Tue Dec 13 18:42:01 EST 2005

A couple of topics that would be interesting (to me, at least) that I
forgot to mention:

1. Python enhanced shells like ipython (very handy for auto completion,
inspection), emacs python mode, (maybe vi(m) macros if anyone has any that
they use?)
2. Python IDEs - Boa, Stani's Python Editor, Eclipse Python Plug-In (never
gotten this to work, but i hear it does) (could be combined with #1 as
"what tools are you using?")
3. For people who may be familiar with other object oriented languages but
want to know how it's done in Python: How do modules, directories, files,
and classes affect import statements, and how does that in turn affect
namespaces? What does __init__.py do? How does inheritance work in Python?
How do I override an inherited method? How do I call an inherited
constructor? Why the heck would I *want* to call an inherited constructor?
Kind of a general walk-through of how to take advantage of the
object-oriented features of Python.


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