[Python Wpg] Python Blurb, take 1

Dave Gabrielson dave at gabrielson.ca
Wed Dec 14 15:02:23 EST 2005

Here's my first go at the Python PR Blurb (pyPRB (?)):


Python is a dynamically typed, object oriented scripting language which is 
very clear and consise.
It's power lies mainly in its readability--- it is actually difficult to write 
code which is hard to understand in Python (the language is often referred as 
``executable pseudocode'').

Python is a _free_, _multi-platform_ language with built-in language support 
for lists, dictionaries, other useful programming features.

There are interfaces to many system calls and libraries, as well as to various 
windowing systems (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, X11, etc.).
Python can be used for just about any purpose from shell scripting to 
prototyping large project to web applications (it is also usable as an 
extension language for applications that need a programmable interface).

Help for installing and downloading Python for various platforms is available
on the website http://www.python.org.

If you have any distribution of Linux or Mac OS X, then you most likely 
already have python installed on your computer!


Let me know what you folks think... suggestions welcome!


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