[Python Wpg] Last nights meeting

Mike Pfaiffer mpfaiffer at callapple.org
Thu Mar 23 18:01:09 EST 2006

 We discussed a couple of topics in the pre-presentation period I thought were 
worth mentioning here.

 The first was publicity in the Newsgroups. I was thinking it might be a good 
idea to have an auto-post of upcoming meetings roughly a week or so before 
the meeting. I suggest wpg.general, man.general, winnipeg.general, and the 
various local help groups. I don't have enough knowlege to create an 
autoposter myself. Perhaps it might be an interesting presentation if someone 
could write one in Python.

 Stuart also showed off a Python T-shirt. This got me thinking we could do 
something similar over the summer for additional publicity for the club. I 
did the rounds of T-shirt places 10 years ago. They weren't cheap. If we can 
get something in the $10.00 range I'd say we'd be doing well.


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