[Python Wpg] Puzzled by traceback and pdb behaviour

Sydney Weidman syd at plug.ca
Fri Jun 29 18:12:28 EDT 2007

Hi all!

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this and has a clue why it happens:

I'm debugging some errors in a ZopeTestCase test that I wrote, and in
the traceback that occurs (as well as in the interactive debugger), the
output lists a directory which was previously deleted, i.e.:

"/home/sweidman/Data/plone-2.5.2-instance/Products/CMFQuickInstallerTool/QuickInstallerTool.py", line 322, in installProduct

the directory "plone-2.5.2-instance" was deleted long ago. During
interactive debugging using emacs, emacs cannot find some source files
because pdb tells emacs to look for the file in the non-existent
directory. Does anyone know why this occurs? Should I try removing some
relevant *.pyc files?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.

Have a great Canada Day weekend!

- syd

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