[XML-SIG] Re: Look what these folks are doing with XML

Sean Mc grath digitome@pop3.mail.demon.net
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:36:33 +0100

At 12:56 PM 4/14/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Jack Jansen writes:
>>Any volunteers to write the DTD and implement an xmlpickle?
>	This brings to mind something I've been wondering about.
>What's the best way to create XML text from scratch?  Obviously it's
>simplest to do print "<tag>", contents, "</tag>", but that's doing
>everything from scratch.  Is it possible to create a DOM tree and then 
>convert it to XML? 

Yes. DOM is read/write so in theory you can build and entire XML
document from scratch using the DOM interface and then serialise
the structure with a simple "save" commmand of some sort.

In my flaky Lumberjack[1] SGML/XML processing toolkit you can do the same.
The DumpXML() object will serialize any Lumberjack tree struture to
XML. These trees can be created by parsing SGML/XML or created

How about an "__xml__" method?...

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