[XML-SIG] Running XML on NT

Perry Stoll pas@xis.xerox.com
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 13:42:54 -0800

In case no one has responded to you offline, I'll respond here. Yes, I have
the xml-0.5 release running on NT.

There are some dlls in the the xml-0.5/windows/ directory. The wstrop module
is not there, although it's not strictly necessary (if you don't have utf8
encoded data).  I compiled sgmlop, wstring, pyexpat modules. I also copied
over the xml.* modules into a directory on my path by hand. It seems to do
the trick.

If the packager (Andrew?) of the xml module would like a wstrop.dll, I'd
pass it along.

Frank, if you want more specific instructions (as opposed to "Yep, i've done
it!"), let me know.


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Subject: [XML-SIG] Running XML on NT

>Is it possible to run the test release of XML
>on NT? I downloaded the software from :
>The README says to run make. I don't have a
>Unix style make. Is there a version that would
>work with Microsoft's nmake and VC compiler.
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