[XML-SIG] [Fwd: Call for presentations: XML Developers' Conference 1998.08.20-21]

Paul Prescod papresco@technologist.com
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:21:35 -0500

I'll be there. I can represent XML-SIG if nobody more appropriate (e.g.
Andrew or Lars) is available.
 Paul Prescod  - http://itrc.uwaterloo.ca/~papresco

"In general, as syntactic description becomes deeper, what appear to 
be semantic questions fall increasingly within its scope; and it is 
not entirely obvious whether or where one can draw a natural bound 
between grammar and 'logical grammar'."  - Noam Chomsky, 1963

Jon Bosak wrote:
> A two-day technical conference for XML, XSL, and XLL developers will
> be held Thursday and Friday, August 20 and 21, in Montreal, Canada.
> Cosponsored by the Graphic Communications Association (GCA) and the
> Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
> (OASIS), the Developers' Conference will immediately follow the GCA
> Metastructures 1998 Conference in the same location, Le Centre
> Sheraton in Montreal.  See http://www.gca.org/conf/meta98/ for
> registration and other conference details.
> The XML Developers' Conference extends the highly successful series of
> "XML Developers' Days" that began in Montreal last year in conjunction
> with the GCA HyTime Conference and was repeated in Seattle this March
> in conjunction with the GCA XML Conference.
> In response to the overwhelming number of submissions at the March
> event and the requests of previous attendees, the conference has been
> expanded from one day to two to allow for more presentations, and the
> time allotted for each speaker has been extended from 30 minutes to 45
> minutes to allow for more questions.  Like the previous events,
> however, this UnConference(tm) resists the bigger-is-better trend of
> recent years and maintains the concept of a single-track event
> featuring just the very best presentations from the cream of XML
> geekdom.
> In other words, this is a conference by developers, for developers.
> Expect really interesting presentations on fairly deep subjects in a
> locale noted for its French-Canadian culture, great food, and low
> prices.  If you come wearing a suit we won't actually turn you away,
> but we don't need your business so badly that we're willing to lower
> the level of discourse.
> If you are engaged in the construction of any software that works with
> XML -- converters, parsers, servers, browsers, editors, or XML-based
> vertical applications -- here is your chance to share your work with
> an audience that can understand and appreciate it.
> Since hypertext linking and stylesheet-based rendering are part of the
> larger XML picture, developers of tools that support XLL, XSL, or
> DSSSL are invited to show their latest offerings as well.  While not
> primarily oriented toward industry-specific XML-based markup languages
> (CML, OFX, etc.), the conference is open to a certain number of
> presentations on specific languages and applications whose features
> are of special interest to developers and on related efforts such as
> RDF and XML-Data that may have a significant impact on the future of
> XML.
> Vendors of commercial tools can participate, but the presentations
> must be confined to the technical aspects of X*L products currently in
> development.  Table space will be made available for the distribution
> of product announcements and commercial literature.
> Note that presenters get into the conference free.
> No formal papers in advance at the UnConference(tm)!  As in the
> previous two events, we want the very latest reports on work in
> progress.  So instead of asking months ahead of time for stale papers
> submitted in someone's word processing format, we're asking right now
> -- a mere six weeks before the conference -- for just a few long
> paragraphs (300-500 words) submitted electronically in primitive HTML
> (version 2.0 or earlier).
> You have a little less than a fortnight to get your submission in; all
> proposals for presentations MUST be received by midnight on Sunday,
> July 19, 1998.  It's OK if some details of your project are still not
> firm, but you must be careful to indicate those areas in your
> submission along with their current status and your expectations for
> their status at the time of the conference.  Remember, this is for
> software developers; just observe the same general rules that you
> would follow in annotating code in progress.  The important thing is
> that you give enough information for us to decide which presentations
> to include and to tell other attendees what to expect.
> The requirement that you submit the description of your presentation
> in HTML is so that it can go directly on the conference web page as
> soon as the schedule has been determined.  The requirement for
> primitive HTML is so that your submission can be read without
> mechanical intervention and also so that it can be read from the
> conference web site by blind people.  Submissions in some godawful
> generated HTML format with gratuitous tables, one-pixel GIFs, or
> embedded nbsp's will either be summarily thrown out or thought very
> badly of, depending on the mood of the reviewer.
> Since the conference program will be formed simply by concatenating
> the accepted proposals and putting the file up on the web, please
> write your submission in a way that will work in that context.  Veiled
> threats, offers of cash, and other language attempting to influence
> the selection process should be put in a separate cover note rather
> than in the description of your proposed presentation.
> Bowing to vociferous demands from previous audiences, we are adding an
> additional requirement this time that the presentations themselves be
> given in some kind of format less ephemeral than handwritten notes
> clutched in one's sweaty palm.  While appropriately geeky, this medium
> is less than satisfactory in answering requests for copies.  Please be
> prepared in the event that your submission is accepted to come to the
> conference with something that can be displayed on a screen and
> distributed electronically afterward.  Any reasonably common format
> from ASCII on up to XML with an XSL stylesheet (or sideways to
> PowerPoint or PDF) is acceptable as long as it can be made available
> right after the conference in a form that can be downloaded from the
> conference web site.  Note that the presentation itself is not due
> until the moment that you deliver it.
> Send all submissions by July 19 at midnight California time to Jon
> Bosak (bosak@eng.sun.com).  Please allow a couple of days for
> acknowledgement of your submission before asking what happened to it.
> Sending your submission in much before the deadline won't really help
> your chances, so take the time to write the clearest description that
> you can.  The conference schedule will be announced Monday, July 27.
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