[XML-SIG] XML Developer's Conference

Paul Prescod paul@isogen.com
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 03:09:19 -0500 (CDT)

I am about to submit this to the XML Developer's Conference. Please give
me any comments today.
Python: the 100% Buzzword Compliant XML Solution

Python is a simple, powerful programming language. It is designed to solve
the same basic set of problems addressed by Perl (text processing), TCL
(embedding), Visual Basic (user interfaces and prototyping) and to a
lesser extent, Java (distributed, portable applications). Instead of being
yet another over-specialized "scripting" langauge, Python takes the best
features from many great languages and integrates them in a predictable
way. From Smalltalk and Scheme it inherits flexibility and simplicity,
from the Algol family, a familiar infix syntax, from the Simula family,
object oriented programming features and from Perl, an open development
model, powerful text processing features and a very complete of standard
library (including XML processing tools).

Python code can run in a highly portable, Python-optimized bytecode
interpreter, or in any Java virtual machine. When run in the Java
environment, Python code can be distributed across the network in JVM
classfiles. This code can use any Java classes and libraries (including
SAX parsers and the AWT). Thus, Python can be used either instead of, or
in addition to Java, especially where a project requires faster coding or
more flexibility than Java provides. 

In short, Python is an easy to learn, object oriented, portable,
distributed, multithreaded, web-aware, embeddable scripting language for
rapid prototyping or large system development.  These features make it
perfect for processing XML and SGML documents efficiently and
conveniently. The Python XML Special Interest Group has been charged with
the task of making excellent libraries and documentation for processing
XML and SGML documents, W3C DOM objects, ISO Groves and SAX data streams. 
Much of this work is nearing completion and will be presented at the XML
Developer's Conference.