[XML-SIG] Debian Linux version of xml-package (and a bug)

Rob Tillotson rob@io.com
14 Jun 1998 12:00:50 -0500

Greetings!  In case anyone is interested, I have just built the
xml-package (version 0.2) for Debian GNU/Linux.  A preliminary i386
package is available at the following URL:


It appears to work just fine on my machine, although I did discover a
bug in the compilation process -- the stuff in xml/pyexpat/expat is
not built using the proper compiler flags for shared libraries,
because those flags aren't passed along to its local Makefile.

Comments and bug reports (about the packaging... I have nothing to do
with the contents :) may be sent directly to me; don't use the Debian
bug reporting system as I haven't submitted python-xml to the
distribution yet.


Rob Tillotson  N9MTB			Internet: rob@io.com