[XML-SIG] Python + XSL

Adrian Boyko boyko@mail.bc.rogers.wave.ca
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:07:06 -0800

 - an XSL implementation with Python scripting instead of JavaScript

I don't think a new implementations of XSL is the way to go.  I'd rather see
us making sure that:
(1) The language definition for XSL allows the stylesheet author to specify
a scripting language.  I don't have the spec in front of me, but I don't
think it does.
(2) Existing XSL efforts (e.g. MSXSL) hook into their platform's
language-neutral scripting system (like ASP on Windows hooks into the
Windows scripting system).
(3) Python is available via the scripting system of various platforms (this
is already the case under Windows).

On the other hand, a non-standard implementation of XSL would serve all
those who work in an environment lacking a generic scripting system.