[XML-SIG] XML-SIG wish-list?

Sean McGrath digitome@iol.ie
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 11:05:53 GMT

At 19:10 23/03/98 +0100, you wrote:
>Just an idea: should we add to the SIG status page a list of projects
>we'd like to see done, but which no-one has volunteered for yet? Some
>things I can think of are:
> - an XSL implementation with Python scripting instead of JavaScript
> - an XLL implementation that navigates Stephanes DOM tree
> - an overview of the different XML-based standards and which of those
>   it would be interesting to have Python support for (RDF, WIDL, CDF,
>   MathML etc) This overview could obviously spawn some new
>   entries... :)
> - UNICODE support
I would like to add one to this list :- An XML/XSL/XLL *browser*
in Python. Linked to XED for editing of course. Lets throw in
WEBDAV for read/write work while we are at it:-)

No harm to aim high right?