[XML-SIG] New working drafts: XML Namespaces, XLink, XPointer

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
30 Mar 1998 20:18:29 +0200

* Markus Fleck
| [about XLink and XPointer] 
| I'm not sure if I really understand the utility of these two working
| drafts.

What they are for is simple enough: since XML lets you make your own
elements an XML browser has no way of knowing which elements describe
links in your DTD. These two WDs give XML authors a standard way of
describing links.

| [...] how they relate to other standardization efforts such as DOM,

They are pretty much orthogonal to DOM.

| HyTime etc.

HyTime describes both a linking language and a structuring language
for time-based media (like sound, MIDI, video etc). These two WDs are
more or less a simplified XML version of the linking parts of HyTime.

I hope that helped.

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