[XML-SIG] XML package organization

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
30 Mar 1998 23:18:54 +0200

* Andrew Kuchling
| OK, but should it be in sax, as in your diagram, or as a separate
| subpackage under xml? 

It could be as a separate subpackage, in fact I think that's better as
we don't get quite as many very.long.and.tedious.package.names that
way. I had some vague notions about how that might cause problems for
the parser auto-detection, but I now see that there won't be any more
problems that way.

| It seems to make sense to change the dom subpackage to use such
| alternate parsers, and if other XML representations become useful,
| they'd use these parsers as well.

Unless DOM should build on SAX. I know Stephane has several different 
| Lars, unless someone speaks up and points out flaws in this
| proposal, you can go ahead and implement it. 

OK. I hope to be able to release both xmlproc 0.30 and a new version
of saxlib this week. Both will then support this package scheme.

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