[XML-SIG] saxlib

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
31 Mar 1998 00:22:53 +0200

* Andrew Kuchling
| [on get_parser_list]
| I would assume that this returns a list of module names, not the
| actual module objects,

Aha! Thanks! Rereading the method explanation I see that this is
really two different methods: get_parser_list and get_present_parsers.
The first should be implementable anywhere, while the second is only
available in CPython (if Paul is right, and he usually is :).

Consider this as two methods from now on. (They will be in the
proposal I'm submitting to xml-dev in a moment.)

Both should return a string of module names.

* Paul Prescod
| I would have presumed that the CPython version would "peek" in the
| xml/sax/parsers directory, 

Yes, this is how I planned to implement get_present_parsers.

| but JPython can't do that (AFAIK).

The JPython version of get_present_parsers should then return None and
get_parser_list should just return the predetermined list regardless
of whether CPython or JPython is used.

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