[XML-SIG] State of the world

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@step.de
Sun, 03 May 1998 11:08:11 +0200

Paul Prescod wrote:
> xmllib
> came first, and was a great contribution to the Python library. But it may
> or may not be the best package to take us into the future. 

Why can't we take several packages with us? xmllib does have the
of being simple to use and having the same interface as sgmllib and
so it fits better in the Python standard distribution than the larger
more complex xmlproc and XML-Toolkit.

> I haven't
> looked at its native interface since the early days because I always use
> SAX (with whatever parser is around). Since native interfaces probably
> aren't that interesting, we should just figure out what gives the best SAX
> performance (or can be tweaked to).

Well, SAX doesn't give access to all information about a document, so
interfaces are interesting where you want to go beyond what SAX offers.
level 2 may happen at some point, but until it does native interfaces
interesting in some cases.

--Lars M.