[XML-SIG] saxlib finalization

Lars Marius Garshol larsga@ifi.uio.no
31 May 1998 18:39:46 +0200

Here is my plan for finalizing saxlib:

 1. Achieve agreement on interfaces
 2. Put out beta with all the new drivers and extensions
 3. Receive bug reports (if too_many_errors: goto 2)
 4. Put out final version

To this end I've written a description of the core SAX interface and
put it at 


If there are no protests, that will be the final core SAX 1.0
interface in Python.

As for the extensions, these are the new interfaces I think we should

 - ExtendedParser, as proposed in 
   minus get_stack and with optional feed methods

 - DispatchDocHandler, which should be a DocumentHandler with an
   sgmllib-like interface. get_stack and the no-slice method will all
   go in here.

A final question: should these two last extensions be part of saxlib,
or should we keep them separate?

I really really want feedback on this, and I think it's important that
we freeze this spec soon. So everyone, please take a look at this and
tell us what you think. Responses that are no more than OK/not OK to
the four different issues can be sent to me personally, and I'll
summarize to the list. More detailed answers, questions and
suggestions for more extensions can be posted here.

I say we make the final decision on Monday 8th of June (the deadline
is so late because I'll be offline for the 4 days prior to that
date), and then I should be able to have a fully documented package
out pretty soon. Hopefully we'll start seeing interesting stuff built
on top of SAX after that.

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